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Armourcoat is the world's foremost supplier of decorative polished plasters and a leading provider of innovative surface finishes and sculptural effects for both modern and traditional interiors.


Creatively, Armourcoat work with architects and designers to develop custom finishes with aesthetics that can be tailored to reflect the personality or brand identity of the client.

For the client, these unique finishes offer a comfortable, more durable interior, healthy to live in and work in, less costly to maintain and helping protect the environment. Many of our product line are made from natural minerals, including recycled marble powder. As well as being environmentally friendly, all Armourcoat finishes are backed up with stringent quality controls and comprehensive performance test data.


Armourcoat operates through a global network of agents. In Cyprus Armourcoat is represented by Armour Decorative Finishes Ltd., the sole agent providing high quality service and installation of all products.


Armourcoat Polished Plaster

Extensive range of polished and textured, natural mineral plasters   


A beautiful collection of high performance decorative paints 


A unique stone GRG casting system


A range of seamless sculptural wall surface designs